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Virtual STEAM Workshop

  May 11, 2020   3005 views

March - May 2019

Online STEAM Workshop 1

Participants: 5-9 years old learners 

STEAM topic: Unplugged coding

Theme: Pirate

Duration: 40 minutes 

Online STEAM Workshop 2

Participants: 5-9 years old learners 

STEAM topic: Rocket science

Theme: Space

Duration: 40 minutes 


          March 2020 marked one of the most historical moment for the education world as the transformation of classroom lesson to e-learning takes place. Change is essential as it is not safe for children to return to the schools yet and there is no guarantee when they can go back. Opstopus team has been resilient and adaptive throughout the journey of change. We hosted 5 virtual STEAM sessions for our stay-at-home learners. The experiences and responses from both parents and children were strongly positve. Children joined with curious minds so it made them very attentive in the beginning. As they warmed up to us, the session became more interactive! Who would have thought behind-the-screen learning can be this fun and easy to manage?