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Kids Scuba Camp x STEAM

  Aug 17, 2019   3815 views
Monday to Friday   5.8.19 - 9.8.19

STEAM can be easily incorporated into children's everyday life because science is all around us. During this 5-day scuba camp with Club Nomad, not only do the young participants between 8 to 11 years old get to learn how to scuba dive, they also have daily STEAM play and learn sessions with Opstopus. It is more than just SCUBA activities. It is also action-packed to keep their inquisitive minds busy and STEAM-ed (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths). The first ever integration of STEAM education by Opstopus and SCUBA diving by Club Nomad was rather seemless. 

Caryn, the diving instructor at Club Nomad is the best of 3Ps - passionate, patient and professional in her lesson! Our team made it to her Discover Scuba Diving programme before the commencement of the collaboration and we had the best first diving experience with her. We felt safe and comfortable under her coaching. 

Kids Scuba Camp x STEAM

STEAM play and learn sessions with Opstopus started from 2pm - 3.30pm on a daily basis during the 5-day course. The children had their diving lessons with Club Nomad first and then moved on to our sessions next. Our STEAM programme is customized according to the diving experts' preference - Marine Pollution. Each day, Opstopus prepared a topic relevant to the introduction of the ocean and marine pollution. 

Day 1: Ocean Layers

Day 2: Ocean Acidification

Day 3: Ocean Current and Garbage Patch

Day 4: Oil Spills

Day 5: Blubber Challenge


The Instant Impact

Children were emphatic towards the marine animals that are struggling to live under the very polluted water. Some made a choice to act on it instead of feeling sad and sorry for the animals by diligently recycling the single-use plastics into an Ecobrick while some refused to use more plastics. Those were 2 pleasant weeks with 2 batches of PADI seal team during this school holiday programme. We are missing the noises from the little ones now. 

Parents, feel free to contact Club Nomad or Opstopus for more info regarding STEAM x Kids Scuba Camp!