About Us

W e l c o m e   t o   O P S T O P U S

Hello there! You did not read that wrong, it’s OP·STOP·US. We are inspired by the deep-sea thinkers – octopuses. These animals are famous for their human-like intelligence. They explore objects through play with their suckers, just like curious children who are always grabbing things that are around them. OPSTOPUS is founded by 2 ladies who are passionate in children who believe that all kids should be given opportunity to explore the world. How? You may ask. Play, of course! Because play is the highest form of research – Albert Einstein.

 H o w  W e  S t a r t e d

Coming from psychology background, we have gained substantial knowledge and experiences about young children. Also, we share great interest in kids. Always when we hangout somehow we’ll end up talking about child-related topics. One time, we happened to see a kid at about 2 years old crying and shouting for unknown reason. All attention was on him but the parents didn’t bother to calm him down. All they did was handing the iPad to him and he immediately stopped crying. Undeniably, they did make him quiet. However, to us, the main issue wasn’t solved at all. We started to reminisce our olden days together and what we did instead before iPad and all these canggih gadgets were invented. We spent most of the time playing real stuffs, like hawk catching chicks‘, catching spiders as pets, masak-masak, and many other Malaysian childhood games.  Good ol’ days eh? We realized there’s no undo button to what this gadget world has turned into. “Instead of complaining what’s not done, why not we think about what can be done instead?”, we thought. Initially, we think of educating and raising awareness regarding this issue. However, being working individuals, we understand that Saturday and Sunday are the only days left for true family time and it would be too burdening for working parents to get ready all sorts of playing and learning material for their kids.

 O u r   V i s i o n

Today, it’s almost impossible to remove all gadgets from kids. Since some learning that involves those gadgets are quite helpful, all parents/educators can only control their screen-time, but not banning it entirely. There’s nothing wrong with providing tablets & smartphones to our children really because limited screen time aids their development. Many yamcha sessions later, we decided that we have to DO SOMETHING, either big or small, to make an impact. We got tired of just talking about our endless ideas. We wanted to put our ideas up for good use.

Let’s make a change, one step at a time. Let’s make learning fun again. Let’s make playing worthwhile and beneficial. Let’s spread the concept – to learn is to play.

That’s what we promised ourselves. We hope to create a platform capable enough to deliver one-stop solution for busy, helpless and working parents who wish to provide fun learning to their kids but sometimes they just have too limited time, even for themselves.  We want to help and we are 120% sincere and enthusiastic about it.