Interesting Activity in Teaching Growth & Fixed Mindset! 

Remember our previous post about the great mindset that will change our children’s life for good? YES, it’s the GROWTH MINDSET.  We summarised the ideas into the table below. Get our mind refreshed and let’s move on to the exciting part 😉

[table id=4 /]

We have something stimulating in teaching this concept that will get our  kids’ hands dirty! 😉


D-I-Y Brain !!!


Ingredients :

– Flour 

– Red food coloring (We used Hershey’s strawberry sauce here for the scent.)

– Water

– Skewer

– Oil (Optional)

Instructions :
  1. Get some flour into the bowl.
  2. Add some water to the flour.
  3. MIX IT!!!!!!!
  4. Pour a tiny bit of red food colouring into the dough.
  5. Knead the dough until it is soft.
  6. Create some lines on the dough using a skewer until it looks like a brain.



































































































The adults have powerful influence on the children. It can be either positive or negative. Why not be the positive influence they need, motivate them to learn & see them shine as they grow. Opstopus hopes you had fun with your little ones while making a mess in learning!

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