Self-Awareness Exercises & Its Importance 

Phew…It’s already the second week after the reopening of school. Are the children still excited about returning to school, meeting old/new friends, welcoming new grade teacher and a brand new classroom? I bet they are. So this week Opstopus prepared something special yet IMPORTANT for our fellow learners – self-awareness exercises.

Why is self-awareness so essential to the kids? Well, imagine looking into the mirror and checking out our facial features and our body figure. We’re exploring ourselves – which could be our plump lips that we’re proud of or our skinny hips that we’re unhappy about. Making a self-portrait helps us to explore ourselves through the reflection of the mirror and helps us to look more than that – strengths and weaknesses.




There are different ways in guiding the kids to create a self-portrait. Here are some of the best ones we have.


1. Symbols that represent the kid 

Through this, our children will indulge in ‘me-ness’ and see the big picture of what they are all about. They also get to learn about the differences between themselves and other people. It is suitable for group activity or else we can do an adult version vs a child version so that they can see in which way they can be common or different with people other than themselves.











 2. Strengths and weaknesses of the kid 

Adults should provide guidance during this activity of self-discovery. Below is the list of questions and statements we can ask/say to the children when they are finished with the drawing. Remember, this activity is to help them improve and gain self-esteem. Therefore, the adults should be very specific, sensitive and sensible while creating this self-portrait with them. Always discuss with them in the way that matches their age.





– What changes can we make to help you feel better about yourself?  Tell us how we can help.

– How will you help yourself improve?

– Do you think you’re too hard on yourself? I think you’re absolutely good in e.g. basketball. (don’t forget to provide them with evidence to convince them fully)

– Although you think you are weak at your e.g. handwriting, it has nothing to do with your e.g. English. The fact is you are good at English, you just need to improve your handwriting.

– Do you wish to add more abilities in the strength column?


3. Figure me out with math equations

Opstopus think this is a brilliant idea! It does not only help our kids to learn more about themselves, it also makes them create math tricks. The adults can laminate the whole sheet and let the kids to write down their equations on post-it notes so that this Figure-Me-Out sheet can be reused to encourage more challenging math equations out of the kids. The box with a pink post-it note with ‘A’ written on it is where the answers are.






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