Welcome Back to School Activity!

How are your kids doing after the first week coming back from the summer holiday? Do they tell you things like “hand and wrist feeling funny” after not writing for awhile? Is this making them reluctant to hold up the pencil properly and write again?

It is absolutely important that the children feel competent when writing. They need to develop fine motor skills to be able to write care-freely. Children who find it difficult/challenging to write while learning may feel demotivated during the process.

Worry not! It is completely normal that your kids’ handwriting are seemingly losing control as if they have jumping hands after not writing for a month or so. Maybe it’s time they have some SIMPLE but FUN practices to gain that handwriting/motor skills back.





This is our no. 1 writing practice because it’s great for children who need to work on their fine motor skills. Not just that, it works magic on engaging them because it provides such amazing sensory experience that even OPSTOPUS cant resist! ?

Ingredients :

– Shaving cream

– Popsicle sticks (optional) 



With this shaving cream spread out on the tray/table, we can do spelling exercises.


  • Prepare a list of words
  • Read, then spell each word out loud
  • Move on to shaving cream spelling
  • Adults choose a word from the list
  • Child write it out on shaving cream


C’mon! With a single ingredient your kid can have loads of fun writing, writing & writing! Let’s give it a try & see how your child respond to it.


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